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    The spiritual way of the Shaman is the path of honoring the sacred nature in all of
    creation. It is the path of recognizing our place within the great web of life; our
    interconnectedness to everything. A path of gratitude, beauty, and wonder.

    Shamans are often the keepers of great power. The power they hold is a humble
    power, a quiet power not driven by the human ego. A power that comes through a
    strong connection to Spirit.  

    The Shaman understands the necessity of being in right relationship to ALL.  An
    indispensable element of that proper balance is giving back in return for what has
    been given. This is often done in a ceremonial way. Offerings may be given in
    many ways; through fire, by placing them directly into the Mother Earth, or
    through various methods of self sacrifice.

    The most profound and uniform characteristic of Shamanic cultures around the
    globe is recognizing that everything is alive and embodies Spirit. Shamans talk to
    the water, the stones, the trees, the animals, the sun, the moon, the stars, and all
    natural things. He or she will address them as brother, sister, mother, father -
    FAMILY! The beauty of it is, that those things speak to the Shaman as well!  

    This is an amazing time to be alive, to have a physical body, and the ability to
    choose how we are called to BE! Many tribes throughout the Americas and around
    the globe speak of this age and the immense changes that are being birthed into

    Prophesies of the Hopi People, the Lakota People, and various other tribes spoke
    of the "Rainbow Warriors" - the people of all colors, nationalities, and backgrounds
    coming together again and bringing back the ways of the "Red Road". This
    prophesy is coming to pass as teepees and sweat lodges can now be seen from the
    northern most tip of North America to Tierra del Fuego in South America and

    The Maya held prophesies foretelling a great "Shift of the Ages". December 21, 2012
    closed the previous cycle and ushered us into a new age. This was nothing new for
    the Maya whose calendars calculated hundreds of thousands of years into the past
    and the future. Each of those cycles in the past alternated between a dominating
    masculine or feminine energy. The cycle ending last December was a masculine
    cycle. This new cycle however, brings a totally new dominant energy never before
    seen on Earth -the element of SPIRIT!

    Many tribes from South America have been working for decades to assist the
    kundalini energy of the planet to make its journey from its home in Tibet in the
    Himalayan mountains, where it lay coiled for the last 5,000 years, to the Andes
    mountains of Peru and Chile. This process also completed on December 21, 2012.
    These same people also hold the "Eagle Condor Prophesy" which says that when
    the Eagle of the north flies together in the sky with the Condor of the south, the
    children of Mother Earth will reawaken.

    Are you ready?
           Are the old ways of living in this world no longer working for you?
                   Have you felt the call?

    You are not alone! There are countless Rainbow Warriors stepping onto this path of
    the heart, of integrity, of subtle power NOW! My hope is that this message reach
    those of you ready to hear it. May it be a call to action in your life! Come back
    home dear ones, your family is waiting!

Beautiful blessings to you all!    Mitakuye Oyasin  To all My Relation